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Just for the record…


…I haven’t fallen down a hole. It’d need to be a pretty big hole for me to fall down it without getting stuck anyway!

But I thought that following Stuart‘s post, I’d better stick my head above the parapet, in an attempt to a) just chip in my two cents and b) upstage him. In any case, much as I’m grateful to Stuart for describing my absence from the Total Politics blog list as ‘unexpected’, I have to disagree: I somehow managed to miss the whole thing! I have no idea how it passed me by but it did. But in any case, I never campaigned (or even publicly acknowledged, as I never wanted to look like I was canvassing) for a place on the lists, so ignorance of the process is no excuse: not posting since July probably has more to do with it.

But that’s really the point of this: the Notebook is a failed experiment. It was a reaction to changing circumstances, right enough, but the changes are sufficient that bloggery just no longer features the way it did.

It was supposed to re-kindle my interest in putting my thoughts on screen – it hasn’t.

I was supposed to get by blogging mojo back – I haven’t!

I keep thinking that I should post about the Tory Leadership election (and the existential crisis that has really come about a decade later than it should have done), or the Murphy/Boyack Review (which seems eerily similar to the Sanderson Report with Murdo Fraser is now proposing junking), or the LibDems apparently blazing a trail in opposition and winning over the commentariat while the opinion polls show Willie Rennie’s approval to be lower than Tavish Scott’s. But I keep not blogging about any of it!

So long story short, the blog’s dead and as I always argued, that hardly matters: it’s not going to leave a vacuum. I can always chip in on Twitter, on the comment pages, on forums and the like, but honestly, it’s time to finally yield the floor. As I used to sign off the Roundups back in the day:



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  1. Stuart Winton permalink

    Sorry to see your blog go, Will, not to mention your huge knowledge of the subject with it, which always reminded me how little I know about politics, although in truth most of it amounted to far too much detail for my purposes ;0)

    However, I see you made it into the LibDem Top 100 at 97, so there’s hope yet, and indeed Craig Murray is on the same list twice, and I didn’t even realise he was a LibDem!!

    So to that extent I’d ask for a recount of the Scottish poll. At least if I was that bothered…

    • Well, thanks for the comments, Stuart, and can I say that losing a blog like yours that both got into politics but kept its feet on the ground is a big, big loss. In any case, if I hadn’t decided to pull the plug, my presence on a LibDem list would make me wonder why I was bothering! 😉

  2. Sorry to hear this Will, though its not a massive surprise given the lack of posting for the last few months!

    I echo Stuart’s comments about your massive psephological knowledge which will be a particular miss for folk like me. Come visit us anytime and spread that wealth!


  3. Andrea permalink

    Sorry to see you leaving the blogging world. Best of luck for the future

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